Idea: Musicians from different parts of the world record on video the prayer mantra “Lokah Samastah” in their native language, and we edit it into a single video clip.

Mission: We want to serve to unite the people of the planet, to show that we all and under any circumstances can and should speak the same language - the language of humanity, compassion and conscience.

Just imagine! Just one line “May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and free” is sung in dozens of different languages by native speakers of their cultures, musicians and singers from different parts of the planet. In one shot we see a Peruvian with a charango, in the next an Indian with a sitar, in the third a Mongol with a morinkur, a German or an Italian with children in his arms. And all these people wish happiness to people all over the world. Nice and effective!

Our format and mission are in tune with the already well-known “Playing for change” format.

“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” is a mantra, the words of Gautam Buddha.
Sanskrit: लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
Meaning: May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and free

The demo version of the song in four languages has already been recorded and you can listen to it.

А word from organizer of the project

“The idea of the video project "Happy and Free" was born about a year ago, as soon as the song of the same name was written, which initially sounded only in three languages: Sanskrit, English and Russian. However, it soon became clear that this was only the beginning of something bigger and that this song should sound in hundreds of voices around the world.

Without many words, it instantly penetrates the heart. This sincere prayer of true compassion unites, it erases external differences and crystallizes the human soul. And the soul is one for all. It knows neither ethnic, state, nor religious boundaries and differences.”

Daniil Shirokoborodov, musician from Russia, 38 years old, husband and father of four children, traveler, leader of the Dreams of Branches band.

So if we are on the same wavelength with you, then let's get started.

Who can take part in the project?

People of all ages, nationalities and religions, singers and musicians, both professionals and amateurs, can participate in the project.

To participate, you need to sing along with our backing track the phrase “May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and free” in your native language or play a musical instrument, film it and send it to us. We will select videos and edit them into a single clip. All instructions and recommendations for audio and video are described below.

Hurry up to record audio and video before February 15, 2021. The estimated release date of the clip: March 1, 2021.

For vocalists

Download backing tracks and listen to the demo version of the song on Soundcloud.

The vocalists need to translate and sing the phrase “May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and free” in their native language, of which you are a carrier, sincerely desiring this in your heart. It is important to preserve the musical phrase itself or to be very close to it. Any vocal improvisation is also encouraged. Sing the song from the start to the finish as you feel. At the end of the song, switch to a whisper just like in our demo version (lokah-samastah-demo.mp3). You can sing solo or in chorus in several voices.

It's great if you sing and play a musical instrument. It is important to record the signal in separate tracks.

For musicians

Musicians can record any part as a whole or anywhere in the song. It can be solo or accompaniment. Playing national ethnic instruments, which are the musical hallmark of your culture, is encouraged.

We have prepared different versions of backing tracks.

Recording audio

Download backing tracks, rehearse and record one or more audio tracks for any of the backing tracks, using headphones. Find the best possible studio-grade microphone or close to studio microphone or a Zoom type recorder for recording. It is desirable to record the voice with a pop filter. If not, then be at a distance of about half a meter from the microphone. If the recording is on the street, then it is advisable to use a visor. Audio format: 44100KHz / 24bit. Mono or stereo as appropriate. Try to minimize extraneous noise as much as possible. If possible, synchronize the beginning of the audio file with our backing tracks so that we don't have to dock by ear. It is also important to record your voice by listening to the backing track on headphones, not on speakers.

Recording video

General technical guidelines for video recording: horizontal position of the camera, resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels or more. It is advisable to remove from a tripod. You can be full length or waist-high. You must be visible, there must be enough light. If shooting outdoors, then morning and evening light is more preferable. The clip is multinational, so it is desirable that together with you in the frame there is something that speaks your culture, country, identity, which gives the frame a national flavor. It is worth approaching this process creatively, with imagination.

After recording

Send us materials through any file sharing service to any of the contacts listed below. The main email of the project is

Send also accompanying information about yourself (name, surname, nationality, city of residence, age, occupation). Only the information that you allow us to use in the subtitles and credits of the video clip!

Producers and Mass media

We are interested in the broadest possible publicity of the project and will be grateful for any informational support. We have posters and videos that can be posted on your social networks with hashtags #lokah_samastah #happy_and_free

It is also possible to use hashtags in your mother language.

Important recommendations

We want to serve the unification and reconciliation of the people of the warring countries. Israelis / Palestinians, Russians / Ukrainians, Azerbaijanis / Armenians, Black/White etc. Sing this hymn of peace with each other. You can do it with national flags in the frame. Your names and nationalities will be subtitled. It's great if there are people of different ages in the frame: family, children, parents.

By this we want to remind and affirm that there are higher values than current political ambitions, that words like “love” and “happiness” in all languages of the world mean the same thing regardless of cultural superstructures.

Support the project

The project needs wide publicity and financial support. We will be grateful for the reposts in social networks Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram chats. Our groups and pages are listed below in contacts.

The project needs wide publicity and financial support. We will be grateful for the reposts in social networks Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram chats. Our groups and pages are listed below in contacts.

Also, to implement the project, we need a team:

If you can provide financial support for the project, do so. Account details.



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Beneficiary Bank:
Tinkoff Bank

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1st Volokolamsky pr., 10, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia

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Shirokoborodov Daniil Andreevich

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Payment Details:
Own funds transfer under Agreement № 5050791473 Shirokoborodov Daniil Andreevich. Without VAT.

Project contacts

Facebook page:

Contacts of organizers

Daniil Shirokoborodov, musician, co-producer, author of the song "Happy and Free"
Whatsapp: +79183995010
Telegram: @snivetvey

Be happy and free!